Offering dual rail and river access, SeaGate Handling is specifically designed to store your bulk and bagged materials.

With warehouses ideally located on the Savannah River, and accessible to 7,000 feet of CSX and NS direct rail service, SeaGate Handling is your preferred strategic partner, offering convenience and flexibility with added cost effectiveness. Whether your product comes in or goes out through our facilities or The Port of Savannah, we can help.

As an added benefit, SeaGate Handling provides bagging and high quality screening according to each client’s individual specifications.


Warehouse #1

Newly renovated with our state-of-the-art Screener and Bagger, this building/warehouse can hold 25,000 tons of bulk storage. Additionally, we offer:

  • Valve bagging and screening capabilities
  • Dehumidifed process controls
  • Truck and rail scales
  • Transload containers to truck and rail
  • Ability to receive bulk materials via rail, truck or vessel 24 hours a day


Warehouse #2IMG_6467

Newly renovated and capable of holding 35,000 bulk storage.

  • Receive 300 tons/hour by via truck
  • 100 tons/hour bulk load out


Warehouses #3 and #4

  • 45,000 square feet of warehouse space for bag storage
  • The highest quality screening on the east coast
  • Screen materials into 1-ton and 1/2-ton Supersacks
  • Receive or ship via truck or rail
  • Transload capabilities from rail to truck


Warehouse #5

  • Additional Storage for bulk materials. Can store up to 30,000 tons.